Anthem Hacked. Largest Healthcare Industry Breach Ever.

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As many as 80 million customers in fourteen states may have their account information stolen. AnthemInc, the nation’s second largest health insurance company. CEO Joseph Swedish stated that they were “a target of a very sophisticated external cyber attack”.

The hackers breached into Anthem’s computer system and obtained information that includes names, birthdays, medical IDs, Social Security numbers, e-mail addresses, street addresses and employment information, as well as some income data.

The affected database had records for is estimated to have around 80 million people in it but Anthem is investigating to see how many individuals information may have been obtained. Currently they believe it may be tens of millions of people. Anthem discovered the breach itself last week and contacted the FBI right away after the discovery.

If this ends up correct, it would be the largest health care breach to date. Anthem has hired consultants to evaluate its systems and the breach. Since no actual medical information appears to have been stolen, the breach would not come under HIPAA rules, (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act). HIPPA governs the confidentiality and security of medical information.

Also it appears that no credit card information was obtained but that is also being double-checked.

Anthem management feels it is not the medical records the hackers wanted but the personally identifiable information they got is a lot more valuable to them then what a medical condition they are dealing with.

Any customers whose information has been stolen should report any suspected instances of identity theft to the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center.


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