Last Week in Ransomware: 01.29.2024 – The “Oopsie” Edition

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Welcome to the “Oopsie” edition of last week’s ransomware roundup, where we take a lighthearted look at the dark world of digital extortion. Yes, even in the world of cyber doom and gloom, we find room for a chuckle!

Healthcare and Ransomware: A Match Made in Cyber-Hell The cyber-baddies had a field day last week, particularly with the healthcare sector. They’re not just encrypting files; they’re also sneaking outpatient data. Talk about a double whammy of trouble! This has sparked a flurry of lawsuits as if healthcare didn’t have enough headaches already.

And guess what? These digital desperados are now targeting your grandma’s medical records for as little as $50. That’s cheaper than a Netflix subscription but with way more drama! “Leak your secrets or pay up!” is their new motto. Thanks to these antics, healthcare providers are now facing legal music for not guarding your X-rays and allergy lists like gold in Fort Knox.

Here’s a fun fact: Ransomware has cost the US economy a gazillion dollars (well, tens of billions, but who’s counting?). With over 500 attacks hitting nearly 10,000 healthcare facilities, it’s like a bad episode of “Grey’s Anatomy,” but without the good-looking doctors.

Russian Ransomware Bad Boy Gets a Timeout Moving on, the US, UK, and Australia collectively said “Naughty, naughty!” to a Russian ransomware operator, Alexander Ermakov. This chap allegedly had his digital fingers in the Medibank pie last October. Governments are slapping sanctions like they’re handing out candy on Halloween, but the question remains: is it stopping the cyberbullies?

GoAnywhere? More Like GoNowhere! And for our tech-savvy friends, the latest cyber gossip is about the GoAnywhere MFT software. It’s got a bug that’s a juicy 9.8/10 on the “Oh no!” scale. This means hackers could waltz into your systems like they own the place. The silver lining? Since they’re using old tricks, we can spot them earlier. It’s like seeing the villain’s shadow before he jumps out in a horror movie.

Patching: The Cyber Equivalent of Eating Your Veggies Finally, patching these vulnerabilities is crucial. It’s like eating your veggies – not always fun, but good for your digital health. Sure, it’s a pain for businesses, like trying to change the tires on a moving car, but it beats being the next headline in the ransomware news!

And that’s a wrap for last week’s ransomware shenanigans. Stay safe, patch your systems, and remember, the only thing we want going viral is this blog post!


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