Last Week in Ransomware: 10.16.23 – Oh the Cyber Catastrophes

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Ransomware, the prankster of the digital underworld, is making a killing, literally! Organizations of all sizes are dropping like clumsy clowns in a circus act, falling victim to these cyber circus acts.

Ransomware Renaissance In our latest episode of “Ransomware Rampage,” the first half of 2023 has outperformed the 2022 season finale in terms of attack volume. It’s like the sequel that nobody asked for, but we got it anyway! And guess what, folks? We’re still not winning any awards for cybersecurity!

MGM’s Blockbuster Misfortune Picture this: MGM, the entertainment giant, went all-in on a high-stakes game of “Don’t Pay the Ransom,” and guess what? They lost over $100 million! They’re sticking to their guns, refusing to be the ransom ATM for cyber hoodlums. Kudos to them for not being “Taken” in by the ransom demands. Liam Neeson would be proud.

But seriously, MGM’s resilience is admirable, but it’s like the big kid on the playground saying, “I won’t give you my lunch money, bullies!” while the smaller kids are left in tears, fearing for their Pop-Tarts.

To Pay or Not to Pay, That is the Question The great ransomware debate continues. On one side, we have the “Pay Up” camp argue it’s like paying the neighborhood bully to spare your lunch money – it’s just easier that way. They say it’s cheaper than trying to piece together your digital jigsaw puzzle after an attack.

On the other side, we have the “Don’t Feed the Trolls” crowd who insist paying ransoms only encourages cyber hooligans. They fear it’s like trying to bribe a gremlin with a Snickers, and we all know how that ends – in chaos!

DIY Ransomware Survival Kit Instead of throwing money at the problem, experts advise beefing up your cyber-defense game. Get yourself an endpoint protection solution (because who doesn’t need more points?), update your software (boring but necessary), and teach your employees how to avoid falling into cyber traps. Remember, a well-informed employee is like a knight in shining armor against ransomware dragons.

McLaren Health Care’s Sick Day McLaren Health Care is in hot water, and it’s not because they accidentally left a stethoscope in a patient’s stomach. No, they’re facing multiple federal class action lawsuits after a ransomware attack exposed the health records of 2.5 million patients. Ouch! Legal battles can be scarier than a room full of clowns.

Manufacturing Mayhem In the world of manufacturing, the stage is set for a real-life thriller. Medusa, NoEscape, Money Message, and 0mega are wreaking havoc, making the manufacturing sector wish they were back in the good old days of assembly lines and conveyor belts. These attacks highlight the urgent need for cybersecurity professionals to band together and fight off these cyber pirates. It’s time to protect your digital assembly line from becoming a ransomware rodeo!

Ransomware’s Never-Ending Show And the grand finale, folks: 2023’s first half had more ransomware victims than 2022, and Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS) platforms are making it as easy as ordering pizza. Russia is the new star on the ransomware red carpet, and attackers are pulling tricks out of their digital hats to evade cybersecurity. They’re like magicians, but instead of pulling rabbits out of hats, they’re pulling data out of servers.

Ransomware attacks are the never-ending sitcom of the cyber world, costing organizations millions and leaving them in a legal labyrinth. Until someone puts a stop to these cyber comedians, the show must go on, and we’ll all be at risk. Stay safe out there, folks, and remember, laughter may be the best medicine, but not when it comes to ransomware!


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