Ransomware Roundup: A Not-So-Good, Very Bad Week 11-20-2023

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Boeing’s Data Drama: LockBit’s High-Flying Heist In the latest episode of “As the Cyber World Turns,” Boeing, the sky-high aerospace titan, found itself in a digital dogfight with the LockBit ransomware gang. The plot? Pay up or see your secret stuff strewn across the internet. Boeing, not exactly keen on this cyber extortion, saw a dramatic twist when LockBit, true to their villainous reputation, released about 4GB of Boeing’s digital diary on November 10. From IT logs to configuration backups, it was all laid bare, leaving us to wonder: “Is Boeing crafting planes or Swiss cheese?” This digital debacle isn’t just a corporate headache; it’s a national security migraine, especially with whispers of LockBit’s possible waltz with the Russian government. As cybercrime and state-sponsored shenanigans blur into a murky soup, it’s like watching a spy movie, but we’re all unwilling extras.

Dolly.com’s Ransomware Rodeo: Paying Doesn’t Pay In the “you just can’t win” department, Dolly.com, your friendly neighborhood moving service, found itself in a moving drama of a different kind. After a ransomware roundup, they paid the ransom, but the cyber bandits wanted more. This is the digital equivalent of ordering a pizza and having the delivery guy demand your TV as a tip. The Biden administration suggests not paying ransoms, but Dolly.com’s dilemma shows that sometimes, you’re darned if you do, darned if you don’t. It’s a cyber Catch-22, where playing by the rules might mean losing more than just data.

BlackCat/ALPHV’s Trickery: Malvertising Madness BlackCat/ALPHV, not to be outdone in the ransomware rat race, dished out a malware masquerade. They dressed up their nasty ransomware as legitimate software, tricking users into downloading digital doom. It’s like getting a candy bar, only to find it’s made of broccoli. This chameleon-like cyber trickery, complete with advanced attack techniques, signals an evolution in the ransomware realm. It’s less about brawn and more about brains, making it a game of digital chess where every move could lead to checkmate.

ALPHV/BlackCat’s SEC Stunt: Regulatory Ruckus And in a “why didn’t we think of that” moment, ALPHV/BlackCat turned the SEC’s reporting rule against its victims. It’s like getting a parking ticket, then finding out the meter maid is actually working with the tow truck driver. They filed a complaint against a company for not playing by the SEC’s rules, adding insult to injury. This not only puts security teams in a bind but also shows how government efforts can backfire spectacularly. It’s a lose-lose situation: don’t report and you’re in trouble; do report and you’re… still in trouble. Thanks, SEC, for making a hard job even harder!

Stay tuned for next week’s installment of “The Ransomware Chronicles: It’s Never Just Another Day at the Office.”


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